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Re: Off Topic: Why Lotus Notes Sucks

> > Who is HC?

My appologies for CC'ing the list on what was meant as a
private forward/reply.  Meant to correct it before I hit
y (mutt for send).

My correspondent (HC) contributes...

> I'll add a #15: Lotus Notes splits up the SMTP headers and stores them 
> separately in an internal format, making it difficult to view in their 
> entirely and impossible to view verbatim.  I downloaded and installed a 
> program someone wrote that reassembles the headers into a single unit and 
> displays them in a window which you can copy-and-paste from, but really 
> Lotus Notes should save those headers verbatim and give you a method of 
> viewing them for troubleshooting purposes.  I have no assurance that all 
> the headers were kept or were some thrown away.

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