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Re: Disk waker

Sorry if this gets sent twice.  My mail server is acting funny.

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>>>>> "Torbjorn" == Torbjorn Pettersson <tobbe@strul.nu> writes:

Torbjorn>  I've noticed that on my toshiba laptop, using the svga driver
Torbjorn> and the neomagic chipset, on unstable (*pheow*), the X server
Torbjorn> writes apm messages into /var/log/XFree86 - something, that
Torbjorn> seems to cause a filesystem flush... Moving the logfile out of
Torbjorn> the disks to memfile seemed to help. I wasn't able to turn the
Torbjorn> logging of, even though some flag to the server was supposed
Torbjorn> to turn the verbosity down. Sorry being so vaugue about it,
Torbjorn> but I'm not very close to the laptop atm...

Wow.  You're right.  I get that too.  Toshiba Satellite, unstable,
s3virge driver, Virge/MX chipset.  The message that it writes is:

(II) PM Event received: Power Status Change

Why on earth is X doing power management stuff?

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