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Re: Why Linux on a Laptop?

> In particular, when compiling to FPGAs, most of the time one needs to use
> fitters the manufacturers deliver, and they run on Windows (or on Solaris
> the exception). The manufacturers give the fitters often away, because
> want to make money with chips, not software. However the cost of this
> is enormous, and therefore the manufacturers have little interest to make
> versions for Linux too - at least as long as they feel they have to
> them for Windows. I could imagine it would cost less to develop for Linux
> I imagine in other engineering disciplines except software engineering it
is a
> similar story.

Ha!  We wish.  I work for a software company and we're stuck with Windows
tools for any processor except the ones supported by GCC, such as the 8051.
I wouldn't mind if the tools are any good, but after using GCC these tools
are terrible...

Ross Burton

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