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Re: X - fading white...

> Tobias Ulbricht [up5a@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de] wrote:
> >
> > lspci shows a Trident Cyber 9525 (rev 49).
> >
> > it seemed to me that the lack of APM appearing in the debian X-server-log
> > means either less verbose logging or different compilation than SuSE.
> > But before I start recompiling X, I better ask the gurus...
> >
> no no no no, all you need to do is find the correct Modeline definition for
> your laptop screen and get proper horizontal and vertical refresh rates.

well, to my best knowledge I did this, even copied literally the modelines
from the SuSE-X-config file to my debian. On Suse with X 4.0.3, as I said,
it returns properly, not on debian 4.1.0.

> You will also find it helpful to play with the screen stretching feature on
> your laptop when going to and from graphical to text console mode.

I don't know what you mean, there are no stretching features on my laptop,
at least not "hardwired" ones. All I can do is switch to external monitor
and back.

> Alex
> BTW as a word of warning, some will say 'use framebuffer', I seriously
> recommend against and only use it if you *really* need to.  Its a last resort
> fix and more importantly not suitable for laptops as it sucks the CPU juice.

Thanks, I didn't intend to, since I still won't get a 800x600
fb-resolution anyway on console working. (my LCD *is* 800x600, so the fb
640x480 VESA, which works, seems to be downscaled)

Still hope for help. Where can I search for it?

Thanks, Tobias.

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