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Re: Mouse support and other bugs (Questions!)

On Sun, 2001-12-02 at 14:46, Axel Bojer wrote:
> Hello, 
> I hope I am at the right place, when I am asking some questions about Debian 
> for my laptop. 
> First, I am very new to Linux, but willing to learn. I tried to install 
> the "potato" from a 3 CD-set. The system is running, after much problems I have 
> configured the TFT-Monitor, learnt how to mount CD-rom, unmount, 
> (Even "shutdown" neded some time to manage ...). What I still dont understand 
> is:
> 1: Why wont the touchpad (I have Siemens scenic mobile 360P, and have found 
> information on the Internett about it) funktion? I have tried to use it as a 
> PS/2 (what is said to be the right thing to do) and even as a Microsoft Mouse 
> using xf86config. First thing: as I pointed to /dev/mouse or /dev/tty00 as the 
> driver (or whatever this program/file is), I got the message: "Cannot open 
> mouse (the file dont exist). Then I found a "file/program" called in dev/ 
> called tty0, and pointed to this.
> (To get my CD-rom to wotk, I had to make the directory /dev/cdrom, which 
> wasnt there before, and THEN it worked. Why do I have to do this kind of 
> things, cant my installation manager do this for me?). (I even tryed to use my 
> external Logitech -as "logitech" (The company who made this thing) and as 
> a "windows mouse>". Not even THAT worked. What brings me to the first 
> assumption: Could the pointing (or a missing file) be the solution?

Try either /dev/psaux or /dev/ttyS0 or /dev/ttyS1 for your mouse.  Once
you find the correct one you can symbolicly link /dev/mouse to the
correct device (man ln with special attention to the -s option).

If you made /dev/cdrom by touch or something it's incorrect.  Look at
the output of dmesg and scan for lines about your cdrom drive it will
most likely be /dev/hdb or /dev/hdc or possibly /dev/scd0.  Link
/dev/cdrom to the correct device with ln -s.  If you mean /dev/cdrom to
mount things I'd recoomend putting a /cdrom directory in the root or in
the /mnt directory to mount to.

2. Already answered by hlawson.

> 3. The apt-get command AND the dselect manager do not allow me to use my CD-rom 
> as an option when I want to install KDE (I now dont have another window manager 
> other than the X-window...). First I tried the Dselect, but this optin dont 
> show! Then I tried apt-get, apt-cdrom, but none of this worked. I even tried to 
> manipulate the /etc/apt/source.list. But I do not have a good hand at it. Do 
> someone know EXACTLY what I have to write there to get it right? To be exact: I 
> am trying to install .deb files AND zipped files (.gz2). (But not at the same 
> time though) from a CD I bought whith a linux Magazine. (The installation 
> procedure described there did not work either...!). I also could try to use my 
> harddisk as the source, but, again, my machine wont give me that option either. 
> Althoug I tried this one too, unsuccsessfull...

Look at apt-setup, it should help with the CD and your internet
sources.  I've never heard of a .gz2 file, do you mean bzip2 .bz files?

> 4. In connection with the last question: My maschine refuses me (that is: says: 
> unknown command, or something similar) when I am trying to unzip 
> with "Bunzip2". (And, as far as I see, the other package programs wont do 
> nothing with such files.

It's case sensitive bzip2 -d is the command you want to use.  You can
also have tar execute it for you with the -j switch.


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