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Re: Why Linux on a Laptop?

Manoj Srivastava wrote:

"Alec" == Alec  <alec1976nyc@yahoo.com> writes:

Alec> I'm wondering what everyone's motivation is for using Linux on a laptop Alec> instead of Cygwin + Windows.
	Why would one want a slow, bloated PDA that crashes often and
does not come bundled in with a decent type setting system that
understands kerning?

I use Windows2000 and Cygwin everyday for work. I have not rebooted my system in over 3 months. Windows2000 is much more stable than Win95/98 and Cygwin is very useful indeed. Having said that, I am a big Debian Linux fan and it is much faster that the Windows/Cygwin combo. It's horses for courses. If most of your apps are unix based then Linux is the way to go, if not then Windows/Cygwin may be suitable.

Brendan Simon.

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