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Re: learning programming

>>>>> "Tony" == Tony Rein <trein@umich.edu> writes:

    Tony> On Sat, 2001-12-01 at 18:26, Mr. Jan Hearthstone wrote:
    >> But let's suppose that I want to learn programming
    >> (perhaps to compile kernels, etc.) - what would be a
    >> good start? Symbolic logic? (Where to get a good
    >> instruction on that one?) C++? ... Slip? What language
    >> is the one most widely used for Linux?
    >> Thnx, Hrthstn.

    Tony> As others have pointed out, you do not need to be a
    Tony> programmer to configure and compile the Linux kernel. You
    Tony> don't even have to be able to read source code. Go to
    Tony> http://debian.org and follow the documentation links.

    Tony> If you want to learn programming, Perl is a fun language.

Correction: If you want to learn programming, Perl is the *wrong*

Take a look at Python.

(Someone mentioned Bruce Eckel's books (www.mindview.com) on C++ and
Java... incidentially, Bruce is a *huge* fan of Python :-)

Bye, J

PS: Really not wanting to start a flamewar here... but "Python is
executable pseudocode, Perl is executable line-noise".  ;-)

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