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Re: ltmodem for 2.2r4

> On Sun, 2001-12-09 at 22:50, Wolfgang wrote:
> > I don't think ltmodem-KVERSION_LTVERSION_i386.deb includes sourcecode to

No it doesn't.  You'd download SOURCE for that.  There is, as Simon points
out, Debian source, but specifically in this case just use the .tar.gz
files, which DO contain source. Also get the make-kpkg package, read the
readme for that and for the ltmodem source, and you'll be able to make your
own debian ltmodem binary package.

> > Someone write: Any LTVERSION will do. Please look at the downloadsite

I wrote that.  I meant what I said.  It doesn't _matter_ which LTVERSION you
get.  5.99 is old.  6.0a is stable - as the site tells you - and 6.0b is
beta test, but probably just fine (it works for me).

> > http://www.heby.de/ltmodem. Why are there more than one possibility for
> > kernel 2.2.19? Which one is the right one for the default installation?

There's more than one possibility for the kernel version because the package
maintainer has no way to know which version of the kernel you're using.  If
_you_ don't know which kernel version you're using, then you're not ready
for LTModems anyway.

> When you get further into it I would highly suggest moving to Woody
> (testing) as there are a lot more fun things to play with but you need
> to be somewhat prepared for the odd breakages that may require
> backtracking packages.

Ack!  Simon, he can't even figure out which kernel version he's using, he's
not ready for Woody by a long shot.

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