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ESS1888 sample speed

I've got a Scenic M700 with  ESS 1888 soundchip,
running woody and a self-rolled 2.2.19 with apmd.
The sounddevice is reckognized properly and
the modules sb,sound,soundcore and uart401
are inserted after 'modprobe sb'.
So far so good, but pcm is playing back
with the wrong speed. Waves or mp3s sound like
a maxi-single on 33 1/2.
I've tried to use ALSA but it couldn't identify
the soundcard at all.

Proposed Additions to the PDP-11 Instruction Set:

PI	Punch Invalid
POPI	Punch Operator Immediately
PVLC	Punch Variable Length Card
RASC	Read And Shred Card
RPM	Read Programmers Mind
RSSC	reduce speed, step carefully  (for improved accuracy)
RTAB	Rewind tape and break
RWDSK	rewind disk
RWOC	Read Writing On Card
SCRBL	scribble to disk  - faster than a write
SLC	Search for Lost Chord
SPSW	Scramble Program Status Word
SRSD	Seek Record and Scar Disk
STROM	Store in Read Only Memory
TDB	Transfer and Drop Bit
WBT	Water Binary Tree

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