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apm support changes 2.2.19 > 2.4.16

Hi all, 

I switched from potato to woody on my thinkpad i1200. APM support worked
for t 2.2.19 very well. Installing 2.4.16 with the same options

	<*>   Advanced Power Management BIOS support               
        [ ]     Ignore USER SUSPEND                   
        [*]     Enable PM at boot time                         
  	[ ]     Make CPU Idle calls when idle           
  	[ ]     Enable console blanking using APM      
        [*]     RTC stores time in GMT      
        [*]     Allow interrupts during APM BIOS calls  
        [*]     Use real mode APM BIOS call to power off      

After booting the new kernel, apm says: Kernel build with no APM
support. /proc/apm does not exist!

append= apm=on in /etc/lilo.conf does not change anything 

any ideas?


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