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Re: Thoughts on network detection and configuration on Debian

On 9 Dec 2001, Anders Jackson wrote:

> Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org> writes:
> > On Sun, 09 Dec 2001, Andrew McMillan wrote:
> > > I think there aren't enough runlevels for this.  I wouldn't want to be
> > > restricted to just three choices.
> > 
> > Runlevels 7 to 9 are available, as well.
> Still to few for generic use.  Only six different areas available with
> this solution.

There's a conceptual issue as well: Runlevels are fine for selecting one
of various sets of services that should run, but reconfiguring the system
requires more:

- reconfigure network interfaces and firewall
- mount/unmount network shares or reconfigure automounter
- use another set of search domains for DNS
- reconfigure hardware (eg. disable wireless Network when you're in a
  location that desn't have an access point, in order to save power)
- (maybe) switch nntp, smtp, pop, imap and whatever servers
- lots of too specific stuff that I have forgotten...

One of these specific things could be switching runlevels, but most of
these changes can't be mapped to a runlevel switch, at least not without
tricks (like copy an existing runlevel and add a script that does the

=> Dont reconfigure by switching runlevels, but allow switching runlevels
   in reconfiguration.


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