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Re: Problems with 2.4.16-k6 and pcmcia

On Fri, Dec 28, 2001 at 01:42:31PM +0100, Lars G. T. J?rgensen wrote:
> I've got a problem. The 2.2.19-pci detects my PCI-to-CardBus brige
> just fine. But the 2.4.16-k6.deb kernel package can't find any of my
> cards. The i82365.o wount load saying "PCIC probe: not found".

You're lying to the kernel. By using the i82365 module you're telling
the kernel your laptop has a PCMCIA bridge, while it actually has a
CardBus bridge. Your kernel config should look like this:

# PCMCIA/CardBus support
# CONFIG_I82092 is not set
# CONFIG_I82365 is not set
# CONFIG_TCIC is not set

If you compile cardbus as a module it will be called "yenta", though
you'd better compile it directly into the kernel so the kernel can
resolve all PCI routings at boot time.

> The README file for the 2.4 kernels says I have to upgrade my cardmgr
> but the version I got with the testing debian is newer then the
> requirment.

Adrian Bunk's linux-2.4 packages work pretty well when you're using
stable, see http://people.debian.org/~bunk/ . You could also consider
upgrading to testing.


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