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Re: Advice on kernel partitions requested.

> Hello,
> I spend half my time away from home. If I leave my desktop in anything
> but a fully functional state my wife and daughter become pretty upset.
. . .
> I have had Potatoe running on this machine and as my normal laptop
> (Solo) and desktop are running Woody I decided to update Cardstar as
> well.
> I won't bore you all with the ramifications, but I forgot that I had
> removed locales and most of the docs. Tha machine ran out of space.
install the "localepurge" package, (someone check my spelling on the
package name) it will clear out all those annoying foreign-language
po's on the fly.  You have to TELL it to keep your language tho!

As for the docs, tell the redirection system under /var/lib/dpkg (I'm
at a suse box right now, don't recall the filename) that you've redirected 
certain files to /dev/null

It's the same trick that lynx-ssl uses to tell it that the original lynx
package has to be installed under a different name, so they can co-exist.

> It is functioning now, more or less, but I am unsure of what would be
> the best way to make use of the Zip and which kernel to use.
> All 3 machines are currently running 2.2.17, inherited from a 2.2.r0
> installation.
> Cardstar shows only about 200kB of free RAM. I have several modules
> loaded to allow masquerading etc.  As an example of how slow this has
> made it, after selecting [s][Enter] in dselect it takes 32 min (thirty
> two) before the help screen appears. 
ugh, aptitude is more fun to use.  otoh I couldn't tell if it would be
any faster.

> The Zip is split in half:-
> /dev/sda1 is mounted as /usr/share
> /dev/sda2               /var/cache/apt/archives
> /dev/hda1	ext2	104MB
> /dev/hda2	swap	 17MB (remainder non-contiguous)	
> I would be interested in opinions as to:-
> Which kernel should I use?
> How best should I divide and mount the Zip drive.
> I would like to avoid installing from scratch.
> TIA,
>     Tim Wood

Ooo, tight fit.  My own preferred minimum is larger than you have
(but would fit with lots of room on a zip250).  But it would fit
once you toss out the compiler-chain, I'm pretty sure.  Note that's
without gui, tho midnight commander is quite usable.

At about 150 MB or so, I have an image you can drop in, pretty close
to a woody setup, with the compiler chain, without the gui.  might
be easier if I just extract its selections list.  I did no doc-trimming.
(send me a note privately if you want that list)

Certainly possible to use compression, like the LNX-BBC does;  it
fits in 50 meg.  It uses something called "cloop" so that the compressed
image can be mounted up.  I have it on good authority, but haven't tried,
that Klaus Knopper's "knoppix" uses the same stuff, but really is debian-ish
inside, so with a usable development machine, it's possible to unpack and
trim it by normal debian methods, then recompose the cloop.  But you may
not be ready for that level of tinkiering with it.

And as you're short on memory a GUI may be a waste anyways.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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