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Re: [ltp] X22 issues

Hello! You wrote:
"> > 2. I would like to keep Win2K and duel boot to Linux. What is the
> > easiest way to duel-boot a Linux/Win2K machine?
> Simple, if its like my A22m, there will be two FAT32 partitions. Just
> resize these (with Partition Magic, or something else), and install
> Linux. You can safetly install lilo to the MBR, and boot Win2k using an
> entry in lilo.conf

If you do keep the service partition in this manner, be careful about using
it, because if you do it could hose your hard drive, I've heard".

I have a similar problem: Now I am using a boot diskett. Thsi works fine, but can I 
1. Make a rescue of my MBR? If, then how? (I know that fdisk can save it back using fdisk /mbr)?
2. I now have Debian and win98, can  I install Lilo to the MBR without having to reinstall anything? Can I use my Debian CDs for it? I know it asks me to do say when i install the system...

Thanks in forward!

Greetings, Axel.

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