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Re: wvlan-card not properly recognized

I happen to use the Gold version of that card in my laptop, and I had a 
few problems when I first tried to use the card.

My first problem was the driver - The wireless.opts file is a little 
confusing, but it seems that the orinoco lucent card is the Lucent 
Wavelan/EE card.  That card uses the wvlan driver, not the wavelan driver.  
The orinoco driver off the website for that is not really very functional 
in this regard either.  I had too many hassles with it, and besides I 
wanted to use the standard kernel drivers.  Kernel 2.2.20 works fine for 
it.  So far I have not had the time or interest to get the 2.4 kernel 
working with it... so far I have not really heard of anyone who pushes 
their system getting much use out of the 2.4 kernel (want a laugh?  Try 
SMP & Raid on it... raid failures every couple of hours for no reason it 
seems that the kernel gets race conditions in the raid driver when you 
hit the SCSI bus really hard.  Oh, and 2.4.15 randomly corrupts 
filesystems on unmount).

All in all, I much prefer using the standard verified kernels that Debian 
provides as a basis... though I do run a little cutting edge on the kernel 
(as in I actually upgrade it to the latest of the base revision -> ergo if 
debian installs 2.2.16 then I will go to the highest debian packaged 2.2.x 
kernel).  This helped me solve my orinoco problem a little as well.

Okay, then for the iwconfig program... you will need to install the 
wireless-tools package if you want to use the encryption for the card 
(though with a silver card you have to remember to stick to 40-bit and not 
try to use the 128-bit, the card won't recognise it, and all you will have 
is major hassles - I would recommend the shift to a gold card when you 
can, they make life much simpler).

Also - upgrade the firmware in the card.  This will require running 
windows for a bit to do this, so if your system does not dual-boot, then 
you are stuck... I have already contacted the manufacturer about this - 
but so far - no luck... I will see what happens from here on out though.

Hopefully this will help you a little more than before...  If it doesn't 
help, then drop me a line off-list, and I will email you a tarball of my 
/etc/pcmcia directory (with all wireless keys removed though *lol*), which 
might help with your configuration.

Oh - make sure you are running the latest pcmcia-cs package if you upgrade 
your kernel at all.


On Thu, 6 Dec 2001, Michael Merting wrote:

> Hi,
> when inserting my wavelan-pcmcia-card ( a lucent orinoco silver ) I get this error:
> wv_hw_config(): modem not connected or not a wavelan card
> in ifconfig i do have a eth0 and lo device but not at iwconfig. (doesn't find any wireless extensions there)
> Anyone knows how to recognize my pcmcia-card properly here?
> Best regards,
> michael

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