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Re: Disk waker

lintux@lintux.cx wrote:

> And suddenly Heather had this magical idea:
>> Tell syslong not to make "marks" very often. You can even turn them off. >> And tell it not to log stuff you're going to ignore (e.g. lpd, uucp aren't
>> real common laptop accessories).
> How could syslog ever log UUCP messages when the machine doesn't run UUCP?
> ;-)
> Only thing left now is those not-interesting DHCP messages.. But does a
> laptop really need any syslogd? I think I should just remove it, or log to
> /dev/tty10 only. Or a small ramdisk..

I think this is backwards.  You're entirely right that UUCP, etc, aren't
problems.  Anything you're not running can't be waking the system OR
writing to syslog :-)

But you really don't have a problem with most things that write to
syslog unless they're (a) unnecessary  - like your DHCP in which case
you can either turn it off or use the '-' prefix in the config file so
that they don't flush immediately; or (b) rarely necessary - in which
case you'll be sorry when it kills your system and you can't find it
when you reboot.

I'd strongly suggest that you use the '-' prefix for everything except
'crit' and 'emerg' level messages, or perhaps 'err' as well.

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