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Re: IBM ThinkPad A30

Quoting Martin Hermanowski on Mon, Dec 03, 2001 at 09:17:42PM +0100:
> Hi!
> I am going to buy a notebook, and from what I think the IBM ThinkPad A30
> would be a nice one.
> I got some questions: Does anybody know wether the screen resolution of
> 1400x1050 with the ATI Mobility Radeon does work well under X? It seems
> quite uncommon.
> The ethernet is from Intel, isn't it? I will verify this via phone.
> Does the sound device work?
> Perhaps somebody using an A30 could give me some answers or other
> comments. This would be really nice :-)
> Regards, Martin
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This was discussed in the debian-laptop list a few days, maybe a week
ago.  The primary issue you will find is that the video display adaptor
in the A30 is not supported by the current public release of X.  When
X4.2 rolls out, it will be; but now one has to download the CVS version
of X.  Secondarily, the sound card is an Intel i810 card which has a
kernel driver; but the driver does not handle suspend/resume events
well.  The best route is with the experimental/beta ALSA drivers.

I have used an A30 and an A30p (does 1600x1200) with good results as
long as I accounted for the display driver and the sound card.

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