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Re: Can anyone recommend a release of debian for old toshiba laptop?

> I have just obtained an old clockwork-driven Toshiba T4400C laptop with a
> 486 and ~200MB hard drive.  Can anyone recommend a release of Debian to run
> on this?  There is no ethernet card, CDROM or PCMCIA slots so I figure I
> will be installing it via SLIP/PLIP...
> Slan,
> Cian

All the toshibas I've helped folks with, we just carefully took the machine
apart, mounted the drive elsewhere, fed it Debian like a normal box, and
then put it back. 

On one model the thing was so fussy about LILO we left a small DOS area
with some diagnostic tools and (of course) loadlin and its kernel.  But 
it worked fine once that was settled in.  I mention this so that if you 
want to go that route, you don't have to do what we did:  restore the
dos setup from the drive image I was smart enough to make, so that we could
go back to square 1 and try again.

Backups Are Your Friend

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