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Re: pcmcia-network-card (can't reach network)

> my wireless card still isn't doing it so I'm trying to use my Xircom card
now (creditcard ce3-100)
> it's being recognized correctly but the network isn't configured/reached
at all although all the parameters in /etc/pcmcia/network.opts are right.
> ifconfig says the same... there is a loop device but the eth0 device has
no inet-addr mask etc...
> Anybody knows whats wrong here? I get more and more the feeling something
fundamentally might be missing.
> I have the 2.4.16 kernel with the right module and the cardmgr recompiled
for this kernel running here on my debian-potato...

Try "/etc/pcmcia/network start eth0"

If that works, put it in a pre-up statement in /etc/network/interfaces

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