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sis900 and kernel-2.4.13


I got a problem with networkinterface sis900 and kernel 2.4.13. 
With kernel 2.2.19 this problem doesn't exist.
I got a flatrate and use a dhcp client for getting my ip-address
The problem:
the networkcard-module sis900 is recognized by both kernels. But when
getting to the boot-section: "configuring network devices" ifconfig tries to get
the card to work in 10baseT twisted pair mode. 
2-2-19 kernel puts up the network with the 100baseT media type and succeeds
to get the internet-connection to run.
I don't understand why the newer kernel gets problems with that. I tried to
force the networkcard to run at 100baseT by the following command:

ifconfig eth0 media 100baseT

but the only thing  I got was the error-message: option not supported by

does anybody have the same problem or even has a solution for it.?

Thanks for your help..


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