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Re: xfs file system - apparently for real men 8-)

Mike [mrgayeski@students.wisc.edu] wrote:
> This is a little OT, but how well do XFS and reiserfs work with 
> laptops? I am under the impression that reiserFS does not have good 
> spin-down times, even when mounted with noatime and noflushd running. 
> As I understand it, reiserFS bypasses the kernels delayed-write 
> system, so noflushd has no effect.
the other problem with ReiserFS is the CPU overhead which on a desktop makes
no difference.  On a laptop it means less battery life.

> XFS does this too, I think, 
> although I haven't tried it. Do any of you notice this when you run 
> these filesystems, or is there a way to fix it? Right now I am just 
> using  ext3 on my laptop, but I have XFS on my desktop and am really 
> happy with it. It 'feels' a lot faster.
XFS definately feels faster, well it did when I upgraded to XFS from ext2,
and now its but a distant memory, until 2.4.12 came out then another jump
occured, something to do with the vm replacement I think :)

XFS spins down the harddisk easily, when the laptop is doing nothing it does
stay spun down.....I haven't tried it with noflushd but one day I will get
around to it :)


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