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Re: irda on a Inspiron 8100... (fwd)

Rob Hensley wrote:

Hi, I was just curious if anyone's been able to get the irda working on an
insprion 8100. If so, what chipset is it and how do i go about configuring
it?! Any help to this would be greatly appreciated, I know i'll prolly end
up needing lirc, I just don't have a clue how to configure it. One thing I
did find out though, whenever I'd start lirc, my laptop would lock
up...anyone else expierience this? Once again, thanks in advance!

got the same myself - and works with an experimental configured 2.4.x. with standard tools from debian/progeny.

have you found any workarounds for suspending/hibernating the machine while NVdriver is loaded? (I know about the swsuspend patch - but it's not been updated for the latest kernels). Have you been able to compile in the ACPI stuff and get it working (I found that it hangs - and that APM is the alternative)

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