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Re: X22 issues

Ross Burton <ross.burton@mail.com> writes:
RB> I have just got my new X22 laptop (which rocks, btw) and am preparing to
RB> install Debian unstable on to it.  However, I have a few questions before I
RB> do this:
RB> 1.  Is it save to use lm_sensors on this laptop?  I've seen warnings that
RB> using lm_sensors can damage the BIOS.

A while ago (when lm-sensors 2.6.0 came out, I think) there were big
warnings on the lm-sensors Web site to the effect that trying the
lm-sensors drivers on Thinkpads could cause permanent hardware
damage.  I don't see those warnings there now, but I also haven't seen
an announcement saying "we've solved the thinkpad problem".

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