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Toshiba Satellite Pro 470CDT


I won a replacement HD on eBay that is -supposed- to be compatible with an
older laptop I have ... some months ago in a rare (for me) mixup of numerals
I said on this list that this laptop was a Toshiba 740CDT, and got some
helpful advice for how to access and replace the HD.

It's actually a Toshiba Satellite Pro 470CDT, and sitting down to look at it
(the drive arrived in the mail today) tonight, I realized I have no good idea
how to get at the drive, to set about removing it and replacing it with the
new one.

Before I start, er, unscrewing anything, I was wondering whether anyone knew
of a good resource for this sort of thing. I haven't found anything on the
Toshiba website yet.


Glenn Becker 

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