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Re: Why Linux on a Laptop?

On Fri, Nov 30, 2001 at 03:39:20AM -0500, Alec wrote:
> Hi
> I'm wondering what everyone's motivation is for using Linux on a laptop 
> instead of Cygwin + Windows. The way I see it, a laptop is basically a giant 
> PDA. People usually use them for typing down stuff during classes, seminars, 
> conferences, in the library, for presenting (powerpoint) material, or for 
> keeping all their mail and personal archives in one place, etc. Laptops don't 
> get used much as servers or development workstations, are they?
> Alec

a) IMHO with cygwin + win you cannot have _all_ the applications running
fine as in GNU/Linux

b) using GNU/Linux is _more_ productive than using windows, as i don't
have to handle system troubles, and nowadays all the office stuff is
available for GNU/Linux (abiword, gnumeric, staroffice)

c) even if i used GNU/Linux for just a pair of years now, i'm completely
addicted to the software and system structure

d) don't have to pay for software licenses. The problem is not money, is
the _quality_ of software and, even more important, the politics involved
-- i mean, why giving money to someone who acts against me? Microsoft and
all the societies which make a huge use of software patents, are just
mining my freedom as a programmer. why giving them money? i do prefer
donations to fsf.

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