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Re: thinkpad600e/networkcard

Thomas Vogels [tov@ece.cmu.edu] wrote:
> I put that info into a separate file, 'netgear.conf', which
> /etc/pcmcia/config reads in.  This way, changes don't get lost with
> upgrades of pcmcia-cs.
nice idea...I'm lazy and just have a copy of the files I altered in
/etc/pcmcia and everytime I recompile the kernel I just copy back the
alterations :)  Also 'whereami' still (I'll fix it one day and give the guy a
diff :) ) doesn't patch /etc/pcmcia/network properly so it saves me having to
always do it manually :)

> I see that you use tulip_cb.  So do you use
>  -- the tulip_cb from pcmcia-modules?
>  -- tulip_cb that came on the cdrom?
>  -- tulip_cb from the scyld.com/networking web site?
> What modules get loaded?  Just 'tulip_cb' and 'cb_enabler'?
more or less, the relevent modules are:

tulip_cb               32512   2
cb_enabler              2560   2 [tulip_cb]
ds                      6592   2 [cb_enabler]
i82365                 22608   2
pcmcia_core            42080   0 [cb_enabler ds i82365]

> The exact error message comes from the kernel:
>  Linux Tulip driver version 1.1.8 (June 16, 2001)
>  PCI: No IRQ known for interrupt pin A of device
> and then:
>  tulip: : I/O region (0x0@0x0) too small, aborting
> I wonder why the kernel can't find an IRQ for the card.  Is this a bug
> in the PCI code?
could be, however tp's are particularly good at throwing lots of devices onto
one IRQ.  My friends laptop has 4 or 5 devices on the same IRQ....this just
strikes me as a Bad Thing (TM) :)

> I started out with the kernel drivers which support my linksys card
> jsut find.  When I tried to add the latest tulip driver I got tons of
> unresolved symbols so I must have been doing something wrong when
> compiling it.
I would play with the straight pcmcia-cs package (thats the pcmcia-modules
package).  I always forget the debian packages for things like this and just
download the source tarball straight from its homepage.  No real reason, just
a matter of preference :)  Also as I use XFS/NewNAT/GRSec/cryptoapi too it
makes sense :)

Go for a pure pcmcia-cs, remember to turn off *all* pcmcia entries in the
'make menuconfig' although you can leave on 'hotplug' support for your USB
device :)
> And already needed it twice because I tried 'hotplug' support which
> froze the system (dead cold and no hot plug whatsoever ;-)
well the only thing that nukes my laptop is X and some 'phase of the moon'
dependent Modelines/etc :)  For some reason things like Xv/SDL nuke the
machine (strangely only as they exit).

Hmmm I think I may of got a hotplug freeze when I didn't use the alternate
drivers.....one day my flatmate and I will get around to playing with the USB
stuff.  However we are currently too busy with the sound card, ultrabay and
getting his Nokia 6110 working with Gnokii :)


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