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Xircom CardBus: silence the modem


I have a very naive question:
How can we avoid the annoying connection noise
of our modem ?

Thanks in advance,
Jerome BENOIT 
  *º¤., ¸¸,.¤º*¨¨¨*¤    Jerome BENOIT, Ph.D.    *º¤., ¸¸,.¤º*¨¨¨*¤
                  Institute of Molecular Biology
               Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena
             Winzerlaer Strasse 10, Jena 07745, Germany
  *º¤., ¸¸,.¤º*¨¨¨*¤    JGMBenoit@wanadoo.fr    *º¤., ¸¸,.¤º*¨¨¨*¤

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