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PCMCIA packages

I have a small issue with the PCMCIA card services package, and I was 
wondering if I might need to go to the sources for the package to fix it, 
or if there is some way to fix my issue.

Basically, I have a wireless ethernet card for my laptop, and using it 
with the PCMCIA cardmgr program causes a scrolling list of insmod output 
over my current console sesssion... this is just a royal pain.  The 
biggest problem I have with it, is that the insmod's run my cardmgr are 
done without being able to supply option's to insmod, but only to the 
module itself.  And I do not know of anyway for the modules that are used 
to be quiet during load.

If I load them with modprobe/insmod manually, I can feed them the "-s -q" 
settings and this fixes the problem, but I use PCMCIA for the utility, and 
ease, I could carry my dock everywhere instead for the amount of hassles 
this sometimes causes me.

Also - does anyone know of a way I can configure the PCMCIA network script
to use multiple wireless lan keys (ie. keep trying until it finds one that 
gives me a DHCP lease?).  It is just a little annoying everytime I boot up 
to have to manually change the config file and restart the card services 
module to have the correct key set.  If there isn't a way to do that at 
the moment, then I'll just have to modify the network script, and offer 
the patch back to the maintainers.


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