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Re: Disk waker

On Sun, Dec 09, 2001 at 01:07:19AM +0100, lintux@lintux.cx wrote:
> I have noflushd running for quite some time now. Works quite well, but not
> perfectly yet. Sometimes the drive just suddenly spins on whil I'm not doing
> anything. Is there any way to trace the process which did I/O at that time?
> I know strace, tried it on almost all processes I think, but still I can't
> find it. :-/
> Any idea? Or should I go on stracing?..

 No neat ideas I'm afraid but if you decide to go through with it please
post your experiences back to the list.

 A program, 'dtop' perhaps, would be nice. I know 'atop'
(ftp://ftp.ATComputing.nl/pub/tools/linux) tries:

  <<Unfortunately, the standard kernel does not maintain counters about
    the number of disk and network accesses issued per process.>>

 but the author hasn't posted his kernel-patches yet(?)

 I guess 'strace -p'ing is one way, very frequent sampling of all
processes like 'top d 0' is another. Either way some programming and/or
scripts will probably be needed.

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