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Re: Mouse cursor...

On Fri, 21 Dec 2001, Hugo van der Merwe wrote:
> Odd thing I find on this laptop (a new one), is that the mouse cursor
> has this habit of getting a 30 pixel or so offset to the right every
> now and then. I.e. it paints 30 pixels further right than it actually
> is. Hmm, that's probably 32, eh.

Probably; this sounds remarkably like some hardware (Neomagic?) that I
had forever ago that had some bugs in either the software or hardware...


> Any ideas why this could be? Who paints the cursor, X, or is there
> some ... "hardware" involved?

Yes. Specifically, X will do a software cursor if it needs to, but likes
to use the hardware support.

Most modern hardware supports cursor drawing, but occasional glitches
prevent it working correctly or reliably.

Check the notes for the X server to see if you can turn off hardware
cursors and that may help.


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