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Re: Dell latitude C810

On Thu, 20 Dec 2001 alexis.guillard@bt.com wrote:
> I am running a debian sid with a 2.4.16 kernel on a Dell latitude C810 and I
> have some problems because I think there are some new devices and everything
> is not supported.
> I can not have the pcmcia working. I have install the pcmcia-cs and
> pcmcia-source packages and when I plug the pc-card, the laptop freeze.
> 02:0f.0 CardBus bridge: Texas Instruments PCI4451 PC card Cardbus Controller
> 02:0f.1 CardBus bridge: Texas Instruments PCI4451 PC card Cardbus Controller
> Is somebody has this PC card Cardbus Controller working ?
> I can not completely shutdown the laptop with the 'halt' command. I put
> in my kernel.
> I try to test ACPI but it crash the laptop when I plug or unplug the AC
> power.
> When I am using the battery and if I do not touch the laptop during 10
> minutes, it crashes alone... I deactivated everything on the bios power
> management, and put the same options that for AC power.
> Do you think is it a good idea to use ext3 on a laptop that crashes a lot ?
> I need to use some kernel patches but it is very unstable.
> Is somebody use the same laptop and have any problems ?

I had similar problems on my Dell i8100 with the PCMCIA stuff in the
installed kernel (2.4.16).  I installed the "pcmcia-cs" & "pcmcia-source"
packages, rebuilt the kernel (for other reasons), & the PCMCIA stuff worked.
I don't know what the previous PCMCIA stuff was doing, but it was definitely
causing trouble.

Also, check out the following for some useful information:

I ended up disabling APIC (not ACPI, but close enough to be confusing):
	CONFIG_X86_UP_APIC is not set
	CONFIG_X86_UP_IOAPIC is not set
So, now "shutdown -h" works, pushing the power button works, & the system no
longer crashes when pulling the AC, pressing "suspend", etc.
Suspend... doesn't seem to be supported with the current acpid; it notices
the events, but isn't configured to to anything about them.  The lid
close/open is interesting, requiring at least Fn-CRT/LCD to get the screen
back, & varying based on whether I'm at an X console or not.  I don't know
where to go from here, but my system is stable for the moment.

Jay Ford, Network Engineering Group, Information Technology Services
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242
email: jay-ford@uiowa.edu, phone: 319-335-5555, fax: 319-335-5505

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