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Re: alt-get update via ADSL from command line?

On Sun, Dec 16, 2001 at 05:21:40PM -0500, Doc wrote:
> Gee, Linux has a way to make me feel real dumb ... 
> I am stuck at the command line due to an X conflict.  I need to 
> run apt-get update and apt-get upgrade for Debian Unstable to 
> see if that resolves things on my OmniBook 4100. (Or should 
> I grab a newer version of Linux instead?)
> Can someone suggest what generic Linux utility included with 
> 2.4.14 and/or Debian Unstable will cause my laptop to 
> recognize the Verizon-Westell ADSL modem? 
> (I am running through a 3Com 589c pcmcia nic, if that is 
> relevant.)
> This all worked fine when I had access to X and could run 
> Mozilla -- it managed the interface and then I worked from 
> the command line.
> Thanks!  doc 

As other poster said console browser is way to go.

w3m is another good one. :)

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