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X and suspending


when I suspend my Dell Armada m700, X won't wake up. If I switch to
console before suspending it, I can easily switch back to X again with
no problems. But when I suspend from X, the screen won't turn on
again. The machine works as expected, so it doesn't hang. I can switch
to console, I can switch virtual desktops and see that the harddrive
works as it should, but nothing happens on screen. The backlight is
turned off and nothing will get the screen to show anything...

I've tried disabling DPMS from the configuration file (fumbling in
the dark) but that didn't help.

Running unstable with everything pretty uptodate and DRI for X. Kernel
is 2.4.13 with all possible permutations for the APM settings tried.

Thankful for any pointers,

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