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Re: Advice on kernel partitions requested.

tlwood@iinet.net.au said:
> Cardstar shows only about 200kB of free RAM. I have several modules
> loaded to allow masquerading etc.  As an example of how slow this has
> made it, after selecting [s][Enter] in dselect it takes 32 min (thirty
> two) before the help screen appears.  

There is a Small-Memory-Mini-Howto. It gives some tips about how to save space.
tlwood@iinet.net.au said:
> Which kernel should I use?

First try the compact kernel flavor of whatever version you want to run (I'd 
use the stable 2.2.19-compact). Then I recommend to compile your own kernel 
(perhaps on a faster machine), with only the modules you really need.

Why do you do masquerading? Are you using the laptop as a server??

- Josef

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