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RE: learning programming

You might want to look at http://www.mindview.net/Books/DownloadSites for a
few useful books on C++ and Java.  They are free.  However they assume that
you have seen some C before.

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--- Alec <alec1976nyc@yahoo.com> wrote:
> On Wednesday 28 November 2001 11:01 pm, Mr. Jan
> Hearthstone wrote:
> >      Where do I start learning programming so that
> I
> > can compile installs, etc.? Right now I am
> learning
> > HTML a bit, but what else should I start learning?
> >   Thanks Hearthstone.
> You don't usually need to be a programmer to compile
> things.
> For non-debian GNU packages,
> ./configure && make install
> usually suffices.
> If you just want to learn programming, pick a
> language depending on your
> specific goals and your background and learn that
> language. Either way, it's
> probably OT on this particular mailing list.
> Alec

    But let's suppose that I want to learn programming
(perhaps to compile kernels, etc.) - what would be a
good start? Symbolic logic? (Where to get a good
instruction on that one?) C++? ... Slip? What language
is the one most widely used for Linux?
  Thnx, Hrthstn.


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