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Re: xfs file system - apparently for real men 8-)

Bret Waldow <bwaldow@compuserve.com> writes:

> <grin>
> Alexander Clouter wrote:
> >  As for the XFS.....GOOD MAN :)  None of that 'girly-man' reiserfs
> > crud :)
> > I'm running it too and everything is just peachy :)
> Ok, I'll bite.  What's bad about reiser, or what's good about xfs?
> Seriously, if there's something serious there - inquiring minds and
> all that...
> regards,
> Bret

I wanted a journaling fs for two reasons:
  -- fs must be ok with sudden shutdowns (think: laptop running out of
  -- fs must not fsck on boot (think: shutting down your machine once too
often, then wait 30min before you can use your computer)

I checked:
  -- reiserfs but they still call the code experimental.
  -- xfs which has been proven to work for a couple years.

Easy pick.  I don't mind using beta releases or even alpha stuff but
not with my file system...  


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