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Re: Installing via serial line

On Wed, 19 Dec 2001 07:55, Grigory Batalov wrote:
> > Serial line installation is extremely slow. I would recommend the
> > parallel port (PLIP) connection. There is a Howto, and although some of
> > the stuff was a bit outdated, I managed to install Debian 2.0 on an old
> > machine that way. It's been a while, so I don't remember too many
> > details.
>     Thanks, Josef. I've found this HOWTO on linuxdoc.org and it works
>   for potato 2.2r4, so I have now Debian on HP Omnibook 4000CT =)
>   Also I've disabled NFS v.3 on host machine, I think it (NFS v.3)
>   was another problem.
>     BTW, serial line works too, but I can't transmit files from
>   mounted NFS directory. It tries to transmit and hangs.
>   Pings are working both ways.

What is the rsize option set to?  If it's set to 8K then you'll have timeout 
issues.  1K is the best size for a serial line.

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