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Re: Installing programs from a none-debian CD or from the Harddisk

	apt will only work if the source media is correctly fomatted
(ie., just putting some .deb files on a CD will *not* mean that apt can
make sense of the files.) However, have you tried using 'dpkg --install
/path/filename'? This allows you to bypass apt and install packages
directly. Keep in mind, though, that like rpm, dpkg cannot automatically
track dependencies for you; you'll have to do that manually as well.


On Mon, Dec 17, 2001 at 12:39:32AM +0100, Axel Bojer wrote:


>     -tar xjf /cdrom/Desktop/KDE22/packagename.tar.gz (I typed the packagename
> were this is written). This point only partially worked; my machine wouldnt
> execute the "j" command, but I managed without it. (tar xf ....).

	Just to be pedantic, the 'j' option to tar tells tar that you
are extracting a bzip2 archive, however, your filename extension
indicates that the archive has been gzipp'ed. This might explain why the
'j' option doesn't work.

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