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Re: Off Topic: Why Lotus Notes Sucks

aeleblanc@olgc.on.ca wrote:

> Reasons Why Lotus Notes Sucks.
> 1) Well, its version 5 and its still buggy as hell.
Good for you, we're still using version 4.6 at my company...


> 7) very non-standard (as far as I know it doesn't support POP3 or IMAP
> Mail, just Lotus Notes Mail... I'm probably wrong here but I haven't
> seen any options for it)
When my company switched over to Notes, it bothered so many people that a
group of IT guys (yes, even IT guys got fed up with the crap) developed a
POP3/SMTP server you could run on your Windoze, getting and sending mail
to the Lotus servers. Of course, later on the company made an official
statement that it was strictly forbidden to run this app. Well, I'm still
using it today and almost never had to use the Notes client again :)


> Is that enough to change their minds?
Did they read this?

- Arno.

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