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Re: Disk waker

> And suddenly Björn Eriksson had this magical idea:
> >   No neat ideas I'm afraid but if you decide to go through with it please
> >  post your experiences back to the list.
> >  
> At the moment I think it's quite fixed by removing Postfix. I do need it
> sometimes, but usually it's there for nothing..
well, if you need an MTA to satisfy a dependency, you might try nullmailer.
Or run sendmail in queue-only, and only run the outbound command when you 
bloody well feel like it.

> I should also try the noatime thing, of course. One day I'll try to create a
> nice program to trace the naughty disk wakers..

Tell syslong not to make "marks" very often.  You can even turn them off.
And tell it not to log stuff you're going to ignore (e.g. lpd, uucp aren't
real common laptop accessories).

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