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Re: Thinkpads under linux

Quoting Alexey Vyskubov on Thu, Dec 27, 2001 at 03:59:09PM +0200:
> > > Did anybody succeed in hybernating T21?
> > > 
> > I have a T21 which works very well including hibernating/suspending.  I
> > normally just suspend the laptop for long or short periods.  When I
> > suspend it using apm -s, the laptop comes back perfectly with wireless
> > drivers reloaded, no clock skewednes and sound works perfectly.
> But can you tell me about *hibernation*  - not suspending?

Hibernation has worked for me using a hibernation file inside a
partition but I used the pfdisk utility to create the file.  I also
worked on a custom linux distribution for the ThinkPads and we initially
used the T21 as a reference platform and had hibernation working quite

Sorry I did not mention hibernation specifically but it definitely has
worked for me under RedHat, Caldera 2.4 (even!), and debian.

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