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Re: X and LCD

daniel <dalas@web.de> wrote:
> what do i have to tell the xf86config when it asks for the refreshrate of
> lcd display? i only know the resolution (800x600).
> or better: can anyone tell me what i have to answer for the videocard and
for > the display? i've got a Highscreen lebook with p1 75mhz.

I happened to have had a problem that seems to be similar to yours, earlier
this month, configuring my laptop. My hardware is probably as ancient as
yours (AcerNote Light p1 100MHz), but this worked for me for the hsync and

Jeff <jcoppock1@attbi.com> wrote in Re: XFree86 problem, with output:
> For an LCD, use hsync=35-65 and vsync=50-90.  This works for me
> on any LCD screen.

If you can't find your laptop's manual, or if in reading it can't find the
video card information, you can always try using "generic VGA" or something
similar. Also, try http://www.linux-laptop.net/xfree86.html. There are some
links to some XF86Config archives.

Hopefully this helps,


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