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Re: laptop wireless cards

On Thu, Dec 27, 2001 at 10:58:43AM +0000, Michael Zimmerman wrote:
> Hello, All.  I recently puchased a used IBM 560X lapop and I successfully
> installed potato.  I was wondering what kind of wireless card I could buy
> for my laptop?  I had searched the net for some additional info on linux
> compatable wireless products, but I did not find the info that I was
> looking for.  So now I turn to you guys.  Is there any one out there who is
> successfully running linux wireless cards on there systems?  I need a linux
> compatable wireless network card, both pcmcia(for my laptop) and pci (for
> my desktop).
> Could any one give me sugestions, success stories, etc?.

I haven't had any problems with Lucent Orinoco cards. It's directly
supported by the drivers in linux-2.4 (no, I don't run linux-2.2


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