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Linux EDA Tools (Was: Re: Why Linux on a Laptop?)

On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 10:38:16AM +0100, Josef Dalcolmo wrote:
> adcarlson@mailandnews.com said:
>> True Windows does have a good number of Electronics EDA programs...but
>> by and large the more powerful apps of this nature run on UNIX and
>> Linux. 
> Would you mind mentioning which EDA programs for Linux you mean?

Here are a few I'm familiar with. Most of the big names in chip design
tools have announced plans to port their tools to linux or have already
done so. These tools range from a few thousand dollars to several
hundred thousand dollars.

For fpgas, I believe altera is porting quartus II and xilinx is porting
spartan II, but you should verify this information.

I haven't done board layout in over 10 years, so I don't know what's
currently available.

Don't take this as a complete list. I've been using synopsys tools for a
long time so I'm pretty familiar with them. Other vendors have ported
their tools as well, but I don't remember their names offhand.

Ask about linux support for your favorite tools. That's why these were
ported to linux.

verilog and vhdl simulators
vcs from synopsys
ncverilog from cadence
silos from simucad
finsim from frontline
modelsim from model technology/mentor graphics
polaris from avant!

waveform viewers
virsim from synopsys

waveform drawing
timing designer from chronology

synthesis tools
design compiler (and associated tools) from synopsys

atpg tools
tetramax from synopsys

static timing analysis
primetime from synopsys

chip layout tools
blast chip and blast fusion from magma design automation
avant! layout tools

code analysis
surecov from verisity
surelint from verisity
verilint from avant!

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