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Re: 802.11b Wireless Card Recommendations ?

Hi !

As you are already on it...

Has anyone experience with this 3com Wlan Card with this X-Jack-Antenna (which can slide into the card, so you dont have to remove the card when you want to put your notebook into the bag) ? Does it work with Linux (2.2.19) at all ?



Daniel Andor wrote:

On Wed, Dec 12, 2001 at 04:29:36PM -0500, Thedore Knab wrote:

I have seen a number of cards that have been troublesome on the list.

What are the good ones ?

I have both an orinoco gold and a D-Link 650 (cheaper) and both work
great. (both use orinoco_cs.o)

The D-Link has less sticking out the side of your laptop, if that kind
of thing matters to you, but on the Orinoco you can attach an external
antenna if you really want.

I'm not sure about the powerconsumption of these devices. Anyone know?


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