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Re: X - fading white...

sorry for the late reply, my uni. course is slowly getting the better of me

Tobias Ulbricht [up5a@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de] wrote:
> well, to my best knowledge I did this, even copied literally the modelines
> from the SuSE-X-config file to my debian. On Suse with X 4.0.3, as I said,
> it returns properly, not on debian 4.1.0.
curious......I still think its a modeline issue though.  Laptop screens are
very fussy about what they get.  Really they only have one refresh rate
(60hz) however I have heard you are ment to make the rate at low as possible.
I'm unsure how low they mean though :)

> I don't know what you mean, there are no stretching features on my laptop,
> at least not "hardwired" ones. All I can do is switch to external monitor
> and back.
when you are in a text console the screen resolution is "640x480" and so the
text console should only occupy a small section of the screen and not all of
it.  If you use screen stretching it can be used to take up the whole screen.
However some console fonts don't look too good at a result of this.  Again
trial and error.  However if you say this key doesn't exist (which it should
really, what is the computer again?  If its a toshiba then its likely to be
a BIOS configuration option) this will make you getting everything to work
more interesting :)  The reason is sometimes X gets upset about the screen
stretching and does show white fading stuff.

> Still hope for help. Where can I search for it?
what for, help?  If you want do mail me for 'advice' however it is really a
case of trial and error with laptops.  I will also go through with you on
accelerating X to be as fast as possible without it having stability issues.


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