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Re: Can anyone recommend a release of debian for old toshiba laptop?

On Wed, 19 Dec 2001 lintux@lintux.cx wrote:

>And suddenly Masterson, Cian had this magical idea:
>>  I have just obtained an old clockwork-driven Toshiba T4400C laptop with a
>>  486 and ~200MB hard drive.  Can anyone recommend a release of Debian to run
>Any release will do, I think. Just don't run things like X on this thing..

If it has at least 8 megs of memory, X could run with very simple
applications in low resolution mode. If it has 4 megs, better be without X.
It's better to stay away from Gnome & KDE even if it'd have over 16 megs
of RAM, because the hard disk size limits then.

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