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Re: which phone


> I would like try to connect my laptop ( Sony VAIO ) with IR to a
> GPRS cellular phone, I change my phone in the week so someone have
> try a cellular phone with GPRS and Debian. Which model ? patch
> ,config etc ...

The ones that I've been looking into to replace my Ericsson T28 are 
the Motorola V66 and the Ericsson T39.  There's also Nokia but I 
don't know too much about that.

The V66 uses a USB plug to plug into your laptop. This could be good 
for me since USB works fine on my laptop.  The Ericsson seems to be 
an infra-red version.  There was some discussion on the Irda list 
recently about this.  Came down to a driver that didn't quite work 
with the T39.  It's possible to get this working.  It's just a bit 

There are plenty of others.  But, I've cut the rest out in favour of 
these.  In the UK market there is plenty of choice but when you 
actually get down to it there isn't really.




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