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Re: [ltp] X22 issues

[my, what a long cc list.  Sigh]

> On Saturday 15 December 2001 20:09, cameron.kerr@paradise.net.nz wrote:
> > Quoting Ross Burton <ross.burton@mail.com>:
> > > 2. I would like to keep Win2K and duel boot to Linux. What is the
> > > easiest way to duel-boot a Linux/Win2K machine?

depends on your definition of "easy":

1. just let me pick one at boot time
	then all you need is a boot loader which lets you list more than
	one selection.  lilo can do this, and then at a lilo prompt it can
	mention what options it has been told.

2. ...uh, from a menu.
	well, there are other boot loaders;  what makes them "not easy"
	is that you have to go fetch them.  GAG is a nice graphical 
	environment (free, it stands for Gestor de Arranque Gráfico,
	http://www.rastersoft.com/gageng.htm).  You could use the 
	commercial app System Commander.  I don't know if MS still offers
	a useful way to configure a startup menu under their boot loader,
	but if so, then you can use a stanza in it, and have loadlin (or
	does linload work better on w2k?) load up linux via that.

3. I like MSwin a lot and I'm just experimenting with this Linux thingy
	use whatever version of loadlin or linload works with your
	revision of Windows(tm) -- and keep the correct copy of a
	linux kernel available in Linux space.  crafting the command
	line for it will feel a little weird, but once you have that
	right, you can make Linux an icon on the desk or toss it in your
	start menu.

> > Simple, if its like my A22m, there will be two FAT32 partitions. Just
> > resize these (with Partition Magic, or something else), and install
> > Linux. You can safetly install lilo to the MBR, and boot Win2k using
> > an entry in lilo.conf
> >
> > > 3. IBM have not provided a rescue disk but have instead used a
> > > rescue partition, which is the strangest idea I've ever heard. What
> > > if I need to
> > > rescue the machine because the disk crashed? As you can imagine,
> > > this is a
> > > large partition (~750M) - does anyone know if it can be burnt onto
> > > a couple
> > > of CDs easily? Has anyone asked for rescue CDs from IBM?
> IBM ships the X2x models by default without any CD-like devices. That's 
> probably the reason they use a recovery partition. Of course IBM should 
> ship the recovery CD as well.
> > Are you in Australasia by any chance? They did the same to me. I
> > think it has to do with Microsoft's attitude to us (they think we're
> > a bunch of pirates). Still a very stupid idea though.
> I tried a recovery CD for a Thinkpad 600E a while ago on a different 
> computer. It didn't work. It seems the CDs are locked to the specific 
> Thinkpad model they were built for.

It's true - I've seen a lot of thinkpads and they are mostly quite different
under the hood.
> > As for saving the SERVICE partition, mount it under Linux. See if has
> > the programs in the root directory neccessary for booting
> > (command.com is the only one I can think of right now). If it is,
> > then copy the files onto two CD's, or use a multi-volume tar archive.

Oh dear.  Cameron, it takes a few more pieces than command.com to make a 
DOS partition bootable.  Having him use partimage to "suck the image off
the disk" -- that'd probably work.  But just taking the non-hidden files?
Nope, it's way too easy to miss something that you only know is importnat
when it's too late because it's long gone.

tar isn't good at preserving filesystem-specific permissions.  In FAT that'd
be hidden,system,archive - in ext2 that'd be "immutable" "append-only" and
other such things.  The fs guys call these things attributes... and in that
other half of his dual boot, if he ever needs SERVICE, he's likely to be 
working with software that actually cares about those attributes.  Sorry.

Ross, partimage is a utility for helping folks clone harddisks.  I hope you
find it useful.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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