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1.3 boot floppies. 2.1.X Kernels About Emacs and Perl. Re: about ready to make the release About using Linuxconf Adding a bug "Severity:" tag to bug system. Advocate ot pkg? (was: Re: QMail for Debian (fwd)) Re: alpha ALPHA Another loop when connecting to master Anybody packaging Adobe Acrobat? Anyone doing vtprint? Anyone in the San Jose Area? Anyone working on a Meta-HTML package? apologies - my mailer is screwed up. replys going everywhere Are the XFree 3.2 packages available in frozen? Re: Autoconf 2.12? Re: Available Packages for other maintainers bad practice in buzz-updates base & kbd are not obsolete .... .bash_profile, the empty /etc/skel, and the first user "Brian C. White" <> re: Bug #2661: dist and mh both have a dist manpage Bug#5721: mime-support killed by perl problem Re: Bug#5828: Emacs should depend on xbase? Re: Bug#5839: vim now depends on xlib6 (>= 3.2-0) Re: Bug#5893: sex dumps core Re: Bug#5907: debstd compresses .html when it shouldn't Re: Bug#5942: Incorrect? file names for img files Bug#5950: dpkg-buildpackage change request re orig directories Re: Bug#5950: 'dpkg-buildpackage' removes original source Re: Bug#5950: dpkg-buildpackage' removes original source Re: Bug#5972: perl-suid tries to override bits of perl Re: Bug#5996: xanim: problems with mime-support Re: Bug#6000: Xemeraldia score file shoudln't be reset when reinstalling Re: Bug#6000: Xemeraldia score file shoudln't be reset when reinstalling Re: Bug#6014: emacs shouldn't use C-h for "help" Re: Bug#6020: perl examples in the wrong place Re: Bug#6032: sendmail bug Bug#6106: Q: Kernel Panic at setup Bug#6117: /dev/CDROM Bugreports bugs Bugs #2714: share files from emacs and Xemacs call for uploads for Debian 1.2.1 CD in Germany C-h help/install in Jed - Once again! Take a look! closing old bugs (was Re: Bug#6000: Xemeraldia score file shoudln't be reset when) COFF development Copyright question (X fonts) could X remove the lockfile on reboot? Crypt issues (was Re: Glibc Packaging Issues) + deb-check 0.1 uploaded to Debian 1.2 breaks INN, UUCP Debian 1.2 Installation Debian 1.2 Install Report (Clean install) Debian and Qmail Debian for MkLinux -- how to? Re: Debian, GNU libc + X libs (fwd) debian menus Re: the "debian -> ./" symlink debmake and the Dpkg Programmer's Manual debmake & dpkg Re: diald 0.14-8 uploaded Distribution HOWTO about Debian DNS on master is broken. docs file in debstd and compressing.... Documentation formats double <h2> in Re: dpkg in frozen, please dpkg doesn't change permissions on directories during upgrades? e2fsprogs 1.06 Re: ELM ME+ errors in packaging packages /etc/ppp.* again ... Excerpts from the GCC-HOWTO regarding Library Versions Exim report Exim's nice mail filtering options Exim (was Re: Qmail) Experimental Database to store environment variables implemented Re: FAQ: Work-Needing and Prospective Packages a few questions file structure of debian distribution Fixing files with group write permission for debian 1.3, an extra dselect feature... (fwd) Forwarding mail from SuSE GmbH "Freezing" non-free and contrib Further rex problems G++ Exceptions gimp bug (was Re: .bash_profile, the empty /etc/skel, and the first user) giving away packages Glibc Packaging Issues Goals for 1.3? Guy Maor <> Hmm... dpkg not handling setuid properly how do I compile without statically linked libraries? Re: How to depend on gcc Re: how to get a bash shell with the new install floppies Re: new boot floppies being uploaded (fwd) How to make "special kernels" for Debian 1.2? How to test whether script runs under X11 I'm packaging opie I'm packaging the dotfile program IMPORTANT - Is the right version in rex? Infomagic CD: MetroX anyone? Infomagic CD: No diskless boot! Installation "bugs" in 1.2 - Report Installing a new Rex system Instructions for making Debian CD-ROMs? Is there a method of changing the name of a conffile? Is this a bug with dpkg-ftp Re: is this a problem? Kernel dependencies libc5 dependency change proposal libgdbm 1.7.3 reworked with debmake libgdbm1 dependency problems Re: LinuxThreads... Re: LinuxThreads soname The list broken or smail broken? Lost mail Re: lshell and "security" (was: Re: double <h2> in Re: lshell and "security" (was: Re: double <h2> in mailing lists Maintainer change Maintaining local changes to packages man pages for all Manuals (was: Re: .bash_profile, the empty /etc/skel, and the first us Marginally related thought on glibc's crypt problem master down Master still not reachable. master unreachable md5 file signing. menu generated windows manager files Re: Miniscule Bug in Deb1.2: /usr/local/lib Minor problem with a package. Still time to upload in frozen ? mirror date report Re: More diskspace & no NFS for master (was: Re: Another loop when connecting to master) More diskspace & no NFS for master (was: Re: Another loop when connecting to master) More info on making Debian thread safe. More on shadow passwords More problems in latest install disks. My rex upgrade problems... Re: ncompress 4.2.4-2 uploaded to New cfgtool, publib-dev Re: New Debian i386 Packages New Debian i386 Packages (fwd) New Debian packages The last update was on 19:41 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 805 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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